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Chapters submit brief Wufoo forms each month listing the total number of community service hours that their members have cumulatively completed. Report forms are due on the 20th of each month, starting in November and ending in February. Following each of the first three form submission deadlines (November 20th, December 20th, and January 20th), the top ten chapters in each tier will be recognized on the NJ FBLA social media. The results of the final report (due February 20th) will not be displayed on social media, but instead, at the 2021 State Leadership Conference, where NJ FBLA will announce the top chapters in each tier and award them for their amazing work!

Make sure to format your submissions according to the excel sheet hereDownload the final sheet as a pdf and submit to the Wufoo form below: 

Fill out this form by the 20th of every month, starting in November, to be



The 2020-2021 NJ FBLA Community Service Project is Operation: Uplift. The goal of this project is to provide resources and necessities to the homeless throughout New Jersey. Participating chapters will collect donated items, create care packages, and then deliver these packages to local homeless shelters. Afterwards, chapters will submit a Wufoo report form along with a picture of all the assembled care packages as proof, which is due February 20th, 2020. The chapter in each tier that assembles and delivers the most care packages will receive an award at the 2021 State Leadership Conference.

Please read this letter from the Community Service Vice President containing instructions for the community service challenge: 

Welcome to Operation: Uplift

Fill out this form after completing the project by February 20th here:

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