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Officer Candidate Test Score : 40/50

What do you believe is the biggest area of improvement NJ FBLA-PBL currently faces? How would you work to address this area?

The biggest area of improvement that NJ FBLA-PBL currently faces is communication between the state officer team and all chapters. We usually don't see officers until SLC and need consistent updates throughout the year so that everyone is well informed. I would address this by personally attending/virtually joining through Zoom call other schools' chapter meetings and checking in periodically throughout the year. In that way, there is direct communication on both ends and less confusion if something goes wrong or needs to be addressed. Besides, I want to get to know everyone prior to SLC! Having that personality and connection with all of you is exactly the kind of president I aspire to be.  I’d like to be in contact with Regional VP's and advise them to have group chats with chapter leaders from their region, so that communication is organized and easy among levels. Another goal of mine is to work with the State Historian and Webmaster to create social media accounts for the state officer team as a whole, and redesign the official website for easier navigation. They will regularly be used as a guiding resource because all chapters require equal attention and prioritization towards their needs!

What will you do to increase the number of active chapters?

In the case of NJFBLA, more is ALWAYS better, and I will increase the number of active chapters by working with the Membership VP to create incentives such as awards during SLC ceremonies, donations to their school, etc. to inspire membership across the state. I completely understand that the funding for an FBLA club is not available for every school, so  I would organize fundraising initiatives with the Community Service VP to provide their school with money dedicated towards creating their chapter. I will actively communicate with Regional VP's to ensure that we are working side by side with smaller chapters or schools that would like to start them. Lastly, the Historian and I will have resources available through Instagram TV and YouTube where new and/or interested chapters can learn information such as how to register members, apply for BAA's/CSA's, competitive event basics, etc. This will encourage new chapters to join the NJ FBLA organization because they trust it's leadership and know that they have a variety of resources to rely on. 

What leadership roles do you have inside and outside of FBLA-PBL and how have they shaped you?

In FBLA, I lead the Competitive Events Committee as well as being a Vice President to the club. I've spent countless hours after school helping my peers practice for their events, edit their projects, and provide feedback. Outside of school, I volunteer at a local animal shelter on weekends and have helped organize many adoptions during my months of service, which I am still continuing. I spent my previous years in high schools being an activist against gun violence and organized/volunteered for events that would bring awareness and help families of victims etc., in which I received an award from the United States Congress and the League of Women Voters in NJ. All of these roles have absolutely changed my life Having those experiences of helping my friends and peers in an organization that I'm passionate about, seeing the joy on families' faces as they take a new and exciting step in their lives, communicating face to face with people who have seen and been through so much and are in the process of healing - this is what life means to me. These roles have inspired me to reach out to those in need of love or assistance and make their lives just a little bit easier, which is how I would plan to take on the role of State President as well. 

How will you ensure chapters are encouraging and completing community service?

I will ensure the chapters are encouraging and completing community service through fundraising/charity contests. The best way to encourage is bring energy and spirit to the cause, which will be done through regional summits. The Regional VP's and I will work together, and the region that does the most fundraising will receive numerous accolades by NJFBLA and the community they are doing service for. Additionally, my goal is to take money off of the total SLC payment from the school that does the most fundraising in their region. By driving acts of service forward through contests and incentives, students will readily donate time and energy to the important causes their chapters are dedicated to. Community service is beyond incredible and rewarding, and I think it's about time we use that feeling to fuel or FBLA futures!

What current state initiatives would you like to continue and/or what new state initiatives would you like to begin?

I have so many exciting ideas that I would be more than willing to turn into new state initiatives. Sadly, we were unable to have an in-person SLC this year, although the executive team is working extremely hard to make this virtual conference just as impactful. I want to do as much as I can to make next year's SLC memorable by adding events such as a karaoke/movie night, gaming tournament, bingo, etc. since there will be no dance. The regional meetings will also have a pep rally at states to encourage members to meet new people within their region and have chapters get "hyped" and excited for SLC. I want to give members and advisors their deserved input into SLC's creation process because they are the most important part of this conference. Through polls, voting, and forms, I would use methods of communication to see everyone's ideas, and then work hard with the rest of the state officers to implement their wants and needs. 



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