Jackson Memorial High School

Running for Central region VP

Officer Candidate Test Score : 27/50

What do you believe is the biggest area of improvement NJ FBLA-PBL currently faces? How would you work to address this area?

As a whole NJ FBLA could improve on creating an environment for members to want to come and learn about business. Not only learning about how to dress business professional, community service, and resume builders. To learn about important skills such as communication, and learning about business as a whole. These are important due to the fact that most members do want to pursue a business career. While being a freshman and not knowing what the world could offer me personally learned about business and now want to pursue it. I believe that FBLA can grow and teach members about the fantastic world of business and to show them that it is also a good profession.

What will you do to increase the number of active chapters?

To increase the number of active members encouraging chapters to have a "Bring a Friend day" at the beginning of the year can show others outside the club what FBLA is all about. Having more opportunities to have more members can increase the chance of finding members who are dedicated and participate. Though making sure the chapters stay active may be tricky but I plan to also try and have chapters have at least one mandatory meeting every month to ensure that there are still members who are interested in being there while raising attendance. Also, requiring members to go to at least one of FBLA's workshops or go to a business-related field trip would help show members the unique and inspirational ways of business.

What leadership roles do you have inside and outside of FBLA-PBL and how have they shaped you?

The leadership role that I have outside of FBLA is in the Girl Scout's  CEO Girl Advisory Board. This role had helped me come out of my shell and work on my communication skills, organization skills, and get creative with ideas for events. My part in the board had helped with communication through ice breakers, sharing ideas, and collaborating with other girls to create an event we all can enjoy. Organization is a major part to make the agenda for the next meeting and to create notes for those who could not attend the meeting. Being creative is important because of what the board does, creating events, recruiting girls, and keeping Girl Scout members active.

How will you ensure chapters are encouraging and completing community service?

To ensure that chapters are putting back into the community I propose that we have chapters keep an accurate report of how many hours they receive from their members each month. Then our community service committee could review it and see how many hours that each chapter has for their community service. This will keep accurate documentation, easy to maintain through google sheets to add up hours and ensure that clubs are doing community service. 

What current state initiatives would you like to continue and/or what new state initiatives would you like to begin?

An old initiative that was inspiring and help full to the community was the march of dimes, many people seemed to like to help the cause and the people who run the program are very helpful and kind. The stories and fundraisers for the March of Dimes pulled on the heartstrings of members in my school. A new state initiative is to fundraise for children with autism and disabilities. In New Jersey alone there is an extremely high rate of children who are born with autism and/or disabilities. To help organizations such as 'Global Autism Project' who can change the world and help so many children and adults who have Autism FBLA can have another great partner to better the community. 



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