South Brunswick High School

Running for Secretary

Officer Candidate Test Score : 41/50

What do you believe is the biggest area of improvement NJ FBLA-PBL currently faces? How would you work to address this area?

I believe the biggest area of improvement for NJ FBLA is the amount of communication and collaboration between regions and chapters across the state. I personally feel like as a member of my FBLA chapter I don't often have the chance to network and collaborate with FBLA members from other chapters. I would like to change this by implementing more regional conferences/inter-regional community service events where members are able to communicate with other members from different FBLA chapters. This would foster the spread of ideas, community service programs, and even other FBLA initiatives. These conferences would involve multiple chapters from a region coming together to partake in FBLA related activities such as March of Dimes fundraising. 

What will you do to increase the number of active chapters?

I plan to increase the number of active chapters by organizing the opportunity for NJ state officers to travel to inactive schools where they would speak with students of that school, and encourage them to take the initiative to start an FBLA chapter. This can be done by receiving permission for the state officers to set up a booth in front of the schools cafeteria or other area that is accessible to members of the school, where students of the inactive chapter are encouraged to talk to NJ state officers and receive information and advice on how to build a chapter. NJ state officers would promote FBLA and all the advantages students will receive from joining the club to these inactive chapters. I will also make the best use of social media to spread and promote FBLA and all of the remarkable aspects of the organization to schools that do not have an active FBLA chapter.

What leadership roles do you have inside and outside of FBLA-PBL and how have they shaped you?

A leadership role that has greatly impacted me is being part of the Leadership team at my martial arts center, where I work as a leadership instructor. My role requires me to instruct kids of all ages from the ages of 5-16 in teaching them taekwondo forms, combinations, and techniques. This position has shaped me into becoming a more confident, well spoken leader because it requires me to teach large groups of students that vary in age. It has made me more adaptable to different situations and more independent, because I am the one responsible for the martial arts education of many students.  I am also a member of my FBLA chapters community service committee where I assist in organizing fundraising efforts. This role has taught me how to take initiative and the importance of collaboration. In addition, I work as the front desk manager for a local tutoring business where I complete secretarial duties. My people-skills and organizational skills have greatly improved from my duties at this center. I am also a part of National Honors Society which has had a great impact on my perspective on community service. It has allowed me to take great steps and give back to my community as often as I can. 

How will you ensure chapters are encouraging and completing community service?

As state secretary, I will work to greatly enhance the promotion of community service on the FBLA instagram page. I would like to broaden the realm of community service efforts by encouraging chapters to choose an organization/cause that they support greatly, and complete community service efforts for these organizations along with March of Dimes! In addition, I would also like to implement an NJ FBLA snapchat account to reach out to more FBLA members across New Jersey that may not have an instagram account. I will also implement monthly check-ins on the NJ FBLA instagram account where chapters across the state are encouraged to share their accomplishments and community service advances. If chapters across the state are able to inspire each other in the ways that they fundraise for community service, the overall increase in efforts would increase. 

What current state initiatives would you like to continue and/or what new state initiatives would you like to begin?

As secretary I would like to foster communication and increase collaboration by encouraging members to share specific accomplishments and updates regarding their own chapter. I will do this by creating a social media initiative where chapters can send in their accomplishments and new ideas they have implemented. These successes and stories would then be posted on the instagram account- or even an NJ FBLA snapchat account that I want to create- to inspire other chapters and promote the spread of advancements.  I would like to continue contacting more businesses and companies to increase the amount of internship opportunities available. I strive to provide members with resume building and learning opportunities through FBLA initiatives. I would also like to continue social media initiatives such as "Tip Thursday" and "Membership Monday" that are in use already, and create more of these types of programs that are specifically directed towards community service efforts. Frequent regional conferences are something I aspire to implement in order to increase networking opportunities across the state.



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