Monroe Township High School

Running for Membership VP

Officer Candidate Test Score : 36/50

What do you believe is the biggest area of improvement NJ FBLA-PBL currently faces? How would you work to address this area?

One area of NJ FBLA that I believe needs more attention is ensuring that no members are financially restricted from reaping the benefits of this amazing organization. Membership dues by themselves are quite expensive for all local chapters, and with the added cost of the state and national conferences, FBLA turns out to be a financial burden for some members. When a financial issue like such arises, members are often forced to hold themselves back from competing at a state/national level or gaining invaluable exposures from top companies that attend these competitions. Our national theme this year is “A World of Opportunity.” How can we embrace our theme when some members struggle to financially maintain their involvement in the club? This is an issue that is largely overlooked, but I believe that with the proper attention, all members can thrive in FBLA with no financial burden.

What will you do to increase the number of active chapters?

In efforts to increase the amount of active FBLA chapters in New Jersey, I would encourage more schools to charter a Middle-Level chapter. Middle schoolers that participate in their local chapter can sharpen their communication and leadership skills early and become strong FBLA members once they reach high school. If elected, I will personally work with local chapters and advisors to start up their own Middle-Level chapters. Although some local chapters do not have the financial means to sustain or start a Middle-Level chapter, my plan to implement a scholarship can be used to potentially assist in the process of establishing a new chapter. A Middle-Level chapter is dedicated to teaching these younger students the fundamentals of success and real-world business skills such as public speaking, business etiquette, and overall professionalism. By emphasizing the career development and rewarding experiences the Middle-Level and the entire FBLA-PBL organization has to offer, I can help local chapters convince their administration that chartering this new chapter will be beneficial. In light of the success caused by a local Middle-Level chapter, members will continue their FBLA journey and keep their high school chapter active.

What leadership roles do you have inside and outside of FBLA-PBL and how have they shaped you?

Alongside with being my FBLA chapter’s secretary of communication, I served as the captain of my Field Hockey team last season. Through my leadership roles in both FBLA and Field Hockey, I have learned the selflessness, responsibility, and compassion that is needed within a great leader. There is more to being academically and physically qualified for a position, and it is essential that one understands what needs to be done to help their people. By understanding and facilitating the change that has to be done, I can help lead NJ FBLA to their most promising and successful year yet. Last season, there was a dispute within my team that caused us to collapse and fail to work as a team. As captain, I made it my personal mission to reach out to each party in this fight and understand their issue with the other. With baby steps and eventual progress, our team stood united again and turned our losing streak around. Through this, I understood that being a leader is more than just being wise. Being a leader means to empower those around you and continue to strengthen a program that is already strong. 

How will you ensure chapters are encouraging and completing community service?

Through NJ FBLA’s newsletter The Spotlight, chapters can submit any community service events that they have held or overall efforts to uphold one of FBLA’s core values of service. One purpose of The Spotlight is to use the newsletter as a platform to inspire chapters statewide with new ideas for community service initiatives. By posting their personal achievements to give back to the community, local chapters can encourage surrounding chapters to do the same! To ensure that all chapters are doing their part and giving back to their community, our state can require that each local chapter contributes at least one article sharing their personal community service projects. If chapters are unable to implement their own projects or host their own events, they can use The Spotlight to see if any upcoming community service events are happening nearby. Using this method, smaller chapters can still participate and contribute their efforts by doing community service. As we reactivate The Spotlight and regularly publish monthly editions, NJ FBLA can showcase local chapter’s generous efforts and motivate other chapters to also take part in community service

What current state initiatives would you like to continue and/or what new state initiatives would you like to begin?

A new state initiative that I would like to put into action is creating a need-based scholarship to help local members and chapters support themselves for membership dues and conference fees. By uniting local chapters throughout the state in order to raise money for this considerable cause, enough money could be accumulated to provide financial assistance to numerous people and possibly chapters. Although costs are not a crucial issue for a majority of members, it is essential that FBLA represents everybody and does not let money stand in the way of anyone’s opportunities. In my personal experience, I have had to pay almost $1200 in membership and conference fees, so I can only empathize with the financial burden placed on some of our members. This scholarship will be distributed to members who need it and will award those who are dedicated to reaching their full potential during their time in FBLA



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