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Running for Membership VP

Officer Candidate Test Score : 42/50

What do you believe is the biggest area of improvement NJ FBLA-PBL currently faces? How would you work to address this area?

The biggest area of improvement that NJ FBLA currently faces is the disconnect between the state office and local chapters. As both a member and president of a local chapter I have seen the difficulty in communicating with and seeking aid from the state office. As Membership Vice President I would seek to close this gap by creating a google classroom where local chapter officers could provide questions and be answered quickly by a state officer. I would also create a google form where members could express areas of interest that would guide the seasonal toolkit I would produce. The toolkit would easily communicate the work being done by the state office to the local chapters as well as provide valuable resources to aide chapters with important events throughout the year. Finally, I would create a social media group where all members of NJ FBLA could network, ask questions, and share valuable information. If these initiatives were put into place there would not be a disconnect between the state and local chapters, and the state office could do a better job of handling the needs of its members.

What will you do to increase the number of active chapters?

One of my main goals for the past two years in my local chapter was to increase the participation of our membership. I understand how difficult a task this is, and I also have seen success in accomplishing this goal. As Membership Vice President I would implement initiatives on a state level that would help members become more active in their chapters and to ease the stress of local chapter officers. Resources and toolkits would be two pillars of these initiatives, I believe that the role of a local chapter officer is to connect with their members and that the role of members is to enjoy and soak up all that FBLA has to offer. The state office should adopt the job of providing resources, presentation templates, and easy guides to state and national programs. As Membership Vice President I would work tirelessly to compile these resources and provide as much aide possible to local chapters. In my chapter, simply by providing competitive event resources, I saw the amount of state qualifies almost quadruple. If this initiative and others are implemented on a state level more members could qualify for conference, gain recognition, and overall become more involved. The members of NJ FBLA should be connecting with their chapters, that is why I want to help in any way possible to give members more time to do that. If we put these initiatives into place we are sure to see the number of active chapters grow.

What leadership roles do you have inside and outside of FBLA-PBL and how have they shaped you?

In my own local chapter, I had the honor of serving as president this past year. One of my main goals for the year was to increase the involvement of members, that is the main reason why I am running for the position of Membership Vice President. I have seen how implementing the ideas of my campaign on a local level has seen success and now looks to bring it to the state level. Last year I also had the opportunity to run for Southern Region Vice President. And while I did not win the position, I did have the opportunity to connect with a diverse group of members and hear their problems and ideas. This experience fueled my drive to run for Membership Vice President because hearing about the wonderful things that chapters are accomplishing inspires me to work hard and allow the state office to better help in any way possible. Finally, outside of FBLA, I serve as an officer of my National Honor Society, again one of my main goals in this position is to increase membership involvement. Overall, all of my positions have shaped me for the job of serving the over 8,000 members of NJ FBLA, and it is my goal to use my knowledge and experience to provide one of the best years for members of the NJ FBLA has ever seen. My leadership experience has prepared me for the role of Membership Vice President and making this year the year of you!

How will you ensure chapters are encouraging and completing community service?

As Membership Vice President one of my key initiatives is the idea of connecting members, this directly coincides with the idea of growing the amount of community service projects done. By creating platforms where members from all different chapters can connect and share community service ideas it will allow other chapters to join with one another to complete community service projects. Bringing chapters together to work with each other is important in completing the goal of growing NJ FBLA's impact on the community. With chapters being able to advertise and invite members throughout the state to work on community service projects, it allows more projects to get done in a quicker amount of time, an increase in opportunity to gain important community service hours, and finally to network with other chapters and gain meaningful relationships. The state office needs to encourage the chapters of NJ FBLA to come together as a state to accomplish wonderful goals such as community service. By creating platforms that connect members of different chapters, as well as providing community service projects for each region of the state, NJ FBLA will see a large increase in the amount of community service being done.

What current state initiatives would you like to continue and/or what new state initiatives would you like to begin?

I am a strong believer in innovation, I believe that we should not get rid of initiatives, rather grow them and make them better. For instance, the adopt a chapter program has the opportunity to allow for new chapters to be aided in the difficulty of creating a new chapter. However, I do not think that this program has reached its full potential. To grow this program I would want to grow the connection between the entire state, each chapter of NJ FBLA has gone through so many different things that each chapter serves as a vat of information. If we could connect all chapters throughout the state then we could just continue to aid in the process of bringing new chapters into NJ FBLA. Also, I would like to create a state-wide initiative that would both allow NJ FBLA to secure a record amount of accomplishments, as well as playing to everyone's competitive side. This would be a year-long competition where the regions of NJ FBLA would compete with each other, regions would earn a point for National Qualifiers, community service, completion of state and national initiatives, and much more. The winner would be announced at SLC and have bragging rights for the next year. This initiative would increase the participation among members and would serve the ultimate goal of providing one of the best years of participation and community impact that NJ FBLA has ever seen!



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