NJ FBLA State Leadership Conference

Statement on Postponement

Statement Regarding SLC From NJ FBLA-PBL State Chairman, Dr. Jeff Victor 

March 17, 2020


We do hope that your transition to online learning has been going smoothly, and that everyone is remaining healthy during this time of uncertainty in our world.  Based upon current developments, and following the guidance of local, state, and national agencies, we regret to announce that we cannot see a way forward to host an in-person State Leadership Conference for 2020.  


In light of this fact, we will be transitioning to a Virtual SLC.  While we have created plans to implement this for all events and state officer elections.  To that end, we will release a plan to advisers that can be implemented when schools are re-opened to administer the competitive events asynchronously and allow for judging to happen remotely.  We also have a plan in place to enact state officer elections, and are working on how to best allow the candidates to virtually campaign.


Details on the competitive events, the elections, and how we will be handling the announcements of winners will be released soon, but will not be finalized until school is back in session.  Until then, we hope that members continue to practice their presentations, study, and continue to remain safe and healthy.  


We will not be answering questions on the specifics of how this will work until we have released the guidelines to advisers.  Members may direct all questions to their advisers, and they can send them to the state office.   Moving forward, we will communicate final plans to all advisers once we have solid plans on the resumption of normal activities. 


At this time, there are no changes to NLC, and we will continue to monitor the situation regarding the conference.  The National Center has instituted weekly conference calls with all State Chairs and State Advisers in order to keep us informed, and we will update you accordingly.  


Additionally, Kean University had implemented temporary telecommuting policies in its efforts to reduce on-campus staff and assist in the efforts to control this ongoing pandemic.  In light of this, the State Office will be working remotely through the end of the month. 


We also wanted to thank you all for your many words of support and encouragement through the unprecedented event.  We believe that these actions are the best way forward to protect everyone, while maintaining an educational experience that is still relevant and important to our members.



  • When will the guidelines for how events will be conducted be released?

    • We expect them to be released before schools return to normal operations..


  • Will there be changes to the events?

    • Any changes will be communicated to advisers, but changes will only be made to accommodate the needs of the current situation..


  • Will you be conducting all events?

    • Yes, we plan on conducting every event that was planned for SLC


  • How will State Officer Candidates be affected?

    • There will be a campaign and voting mechanism to elect the 2020-2021 State Officers.  Information on this will be sent to Officer Candidates and their Advisers once they are finalized.

  • Is the State Leadership Conference Cancelled?

    • No.  It is postponed due to the current situation. ​We do plan on holding an SLC in some form, qualify winners for the National Leadership Conference and elect State Officers for the 2020-2021 year.

  • Will you be releasing winners of events that have already been completed?

    • We plan on releasing all winners of the events at the same time.  ​​

  • Will there be refunds for the State Leadership Conference?​

    • We are in communication with the venue, our insurance providers, and our other vendors, and we will provide more information on financial recompense when it becomes available.​

  • Will the National Leadership Conference be held?​

    • The State Office is in communication with the National Center, and they have not made the decision to cancel, as of yet.  Any changes will be communicated by both New Jersey FBLA-PBL and FBLA, PBL, Inc.



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