Sayreville War Memorial High School

Running for North Central Region VP

Officer Candidate Test Score : 45/50

What do you believe is the biggest area of improvement NJ FBLA-PBL currently faces? How would you work to address this area?

NJ-FBLA is strong in many ways; it has tons of members that all come together to compete and have fun at the annual SLC. The biggest improvement then to help strengthen this organization would focus on increasing the communication between these members, and help them get to know different people in their region and state. It would also focus on increasing the communication between FBLA Members and their state officers, so that the state board can help with any chapter issues. In order to create this direct line of communication between chapters and the state officer team, I plan to create a regional Instagram and hold a monthly Q & A session on Instagram Live for my regional chapters. I will also create small groups, consisting of about five chapters, and host group conference calls with these chapter presidents to discuss any issues, problems, or suggestions with their chapter and the overall FBLA organization. In order to improve the line of communication in the region itself, I will create regional calendars highlighting upcoming local chapter events, FBLA deadlines, and the regional summit. I will also be sure to create some interactive workshops, involving teamwork and communication, at SLC so that members from different chapters can get to know each other. 

What will you do to increase the number of active chapters?

To increase the number of active members, I plan to contact every chapter in the North-Central Region and just check in with them. I want to make sure that they are getting the support, advice, and help they need. For some of my smaller chapters interested in becoming more active, I'll arrange meetings between their local chapter president and adviser with the VP of the North-Central Region, the VP of Membership, and a state adviser to help plan their FBLA journey and goals they have for their chapter. I will also host group calls with a few local chapter presidents at a time so that they can hear what other schools are doing and bounce ideas off of each other. I will also create a regional instagram and recognize some of the more active chapters on their initiatives so as to inspire other chapters in doing the same. 

What leadership roles do you have inside and outside of FBLA-PBL and how have they shaped you?

Currently, in the SWMHS FBLA Chapter, I am the Competitive Events Vice-President. This role has been really important for me since I've gotten close with many new people in my chapter and learned the insides as to what my adviser does for this club (Just a side note, a word of appreciation to all the FBLA advisers out there,  because so much of what you do goes unnoticed! Thank you!!). A really monumental role for me in FBLA, though, has been my team. Starting in 9th grade, my team had no idea what we were doing for our FBLA Projects, but through teamwork, hard work, and a bunch of crazy all-nighters, we managed to place at nationals and become the first group in our chapter to do so. Still part of the same group today, my team has had an incredible impact on me and allowed me to believe that dreams aren't always impossible. Aside from FBLA, I am part of my school's yearbook club, leadership club, and theatre society, and each of those groups have allowed me to explore interests of mine and to meet really different people. I am also the leader of my church's youth choir, since I have a passion for music as well. 

How will you ensure chapters are encouraging and completing community service?

To help motivate chapters in participating in the community service initiatives, I'm going to make these challenges as simple as possible and recognize the chapters that raise the most money on the regional/state Instagram along with at SLC. I will also be sure to highlight WHY we are raising money and WHO it is for, so that members are clear on who they are supporting. I feel like its easier to encourage community service when we actually know who we are helping and why we are doing it. Asides from recognition, I'll also make some of the rewards for chapters who raise the most money pretty funny. For example, let's say that the most active chapter that participated in the community service can pick one person from their chapter to pie the state president in the face at the SLC Conference. Recognition and funny rewards, like the chance to pie state officers, are ways that would help encourage chapters to participate in the community service challenges.

What current state initiatives would you like to continue and/or what new state initiatives would you like to begin?

First of all, I would like to thank the current state officer team and their advisers for their hard work during their term and for all they've accomplished. These times have made it very difficult and we appreciate all the initiatives you were able to achieve. My state initiatives primarily focus on uniting the region thereby enhancing the communication between members. In short, I want you guys to meet new people in FBLA!! To do this, I will be creating a regional Instagram, and I will use this platform to recognize different chapters in our region, host Q & A's, and highlight any upcoming regional chapter events. I will also be creating regional hangouts at conferences like nationals and the fall-leadership, where members in our region can participate in activities like scavenger hunts and get to know different people in FBLA. Lastly, I'm going to visit every school in the North-Central Region and check in with them, just to see if there's anything that they need help or advice on. 



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