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Start a Chapter

The following procedures should aid an adviser in organizing, chartering, or reactivating a local chapter of FBLA or PBL:

  • Visit the national FBLA Website and download the National Chapter Organizational Packet
  • Write or call the FBLA-PBL state chairman at the following address or telephone number to obtain a new chapter organization packet with FBLA-PBL information:

Mr. Jonathan Rowe, NJ FBLA-PBL State Chairman
Mercer County Community College
P.O. Box B Trenton, NJ 08690-1099
609-570-3481 or 609-570-3766

  • Talk to students, school administrators, and faculty to create interest in organizing a local chapter of FBLA or PBL.
  • Review materials received from the FBLA-PBL state office and/or national office.
  • Plan an organizational meeting. Elect officers (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, historian, etc.).
  • Review the sample bylaws provided in the new chapter organization packet. Establish temporary committees, basic bylaws, and initial membership to complete the prerequisites for chartering/reactivating.
  • Submit the following items to the FBLA-PBL state chairman at the above address:
  1. New chapter/reactivation application including list of members and newly elected officers.
  2. Copy of local chapter bylaws (optional for reactivated chapters).
  3. Check for charter fee or reactivation fee ($20) along with national dues (FBLA Middle Level – $4 per member; FBLA – $6 per member; PBL – $10 per member) and state dues (FBLA Middle Level – $2 per member; FBLA – $4 per member; PBL – $6 per member) combined, made payable to FBLA-PBL, Inc.
  • Plan an installation ceremony. Present the chapter charter and membership cards received from the national office. (Charters will not be sent to reactivated chapters.)
  • Form an advisory committee of businesspersons from the local community and school officials to work with the chapter.
  • Participate actively in state and national association leadership activities.