Get Involved

Looking to become an integral part of NJ FBLA? There a number of ways that you and your chapter can become even closer to the world’s largest student business organization.

  • State Committees: Work in conjunction with your State Officers to develop and implement programs for the Garden State
  • Officer Visits: Invite the State Officers to your chapter meetings! It’s a great way for members to see what’s going on with the State and the Officers get to see whats happening at the local level!
  • Community Service and Cheer Competitions: Help the state by getting involved in community service projects! Develop a chant for members to sing at conferences! It all goes a long way!
  • Membership Madness/Mania: Recruit five or ten members to your chapter, fill out a form, and get recognized nationally. It’s that simple!
  • Business Achievement Awards: Complete four levels of awards: (Future, Business Leader, and America) and receive a one-of-a-kind pin and certificate from the National Office. You’ll also be honored at the National Leadership Conference!

There is an ineffable amount of ways that you can get involved with NJ FBLA! With every step, you help New Jersey FBLA rock the house all the way down!