12 Mar

SLC Weather Updates

Eileen Wang, ewang

As we are quickly approaching the conference date and watching the impending snow, we have put together a few contingency plans for you all.


Scenario A – Snow was just a threat OR just a delayed opening for schools on Wednesday, all goes according to schedule.

Scenario B- Snow is finished and cleared by Wednesday morning but school is closed for more than 50% of the attendees – The conference will revert back to a similar structure from past years, with a Thursday/Friday model. Most events will go on as planned with some exceptions and final rounds will be held on Friday morning. Rooming for Wednesday night will be refunded IF YOUR SCHOOL IS CLOSED.

Scenario C – State of Emergency is called and NOT LIFTED before 12:00 PM on Wednesday OR if snow accumulates again on Wednesday night – Conference will be cancelled. Refunds for rooming will be 100%, however, registration and meals will be based on the percentage of funds leftover from fixed costs.


Please keep an eye on your email, social media, and the website. We will be announcing decisions to everyone as they are made.


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