15 Mar

SLC Update – Schedule Modification

Eileen Wang, ewang

Thank you for your patience during this unique and utterly unprecedented situation – the outpouring of support and understanding has been overwhelming to say the least. Unfortunately, due to the inclement weather, the State Office has elected to modify the schedule to the proposed ThursdayFriday model as sent out previously.

Weather Update from Atlantic City:

The weather conditions here have not worsened. Mostly rain wind. There should not be any problems with the weather or road conditions once you arrive in Atlantic City.

State Conference RSVP:
Changes in the schedule requires us to evaluate our conference attendance. For those who were scheduled to arrive on Wednesday and would still like to, please feel free to join us – your rooms are still available and we will be happy to greet you on site even though all conference events have been moved to Thursday. That said, we understand if circumstances and road conditions prevent you from doing so. Student safety is our number one priority. ALL CHAPTERS should fill out this BRIEF RSVP survey to alert us to any changes in your plans. Link HERE.

Conference Agenda

You can find the new agenda for the conference here:

Due to the compression of time during the conference, a few competitive events will not be performing (American Enterprise Project, Partnership with Business, Community Service Project, and Scholarship). The winners for these events will be determined utilizing their pre-judged events. While we understand that this may be disappointing to hear, please understand that this is the best that we could do to accommodate the administration of events in the fairest way and ensure that no student competitors have timing conflicts.

Roster of Competitive Events

You can find a new roster of competitors by events here:

It is important to note that the order of competitors has CHANGED – please review this NEW roster to determine when your students must compete. Please note that there will not be ANY modification of this roster for ANY reason on site – again, we understand that this may be difficult; however, with the volume of competitors in this shortened period of time, there is no way to fairly adjudicate modifications.

Admin Roster
You can find an updated Admin Roster here:

Your assignments have not changed but the times of your duty have as the times of the competitions have changed. If you are unable to man your assigned time, please do your best to find an alternative or substitute.


As noted previously, Guidebook is the most up to date resource for information regarding the conference. Please refer to the Guidebook for any time specific questions. Again, the Guidebook App can be found at


Thank you again for your patience and cooperation! If you have any questions, please refer to Guidebook, social media, or calling/texting the conference hotline at (609) 431-0220.


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