14 Mar

Additional Weather Updates

Eileen Wang, ewang

Attached is our Tentative Snow Contingency Conference Agenda. In the event that Scenario B occurs, this will be our schedule. As you can see, competitive events will not start until 2:15 PM and finals will be held on Friday. Rooms will still be available if you come down on Wednesday night and we should be able to refund rooms not used on Wednesday if your school is closed and will not let the students travel.


Please download Guidebook for a more detailed program of events. The link to download Guidebook is



Please Note: The Conference Schedule on Guidebook currently shows 2 tracks – Current Schedule and Snow Contingency Plan. Please only view one track at a time to get a full picture of the schedule. If you do not filter your view, events may be double scheduled and confusing. In the description of events in the Current Schedule Track, you will find a quick summary of what should happen in the event of Snow.


Harrah’s is providing an early check in and a late check out to ONE adviser room per school for luggage storage. Please DO NOT use bell check for luggage storage purposes. Also attached is a map of the property for your bus drop off and pick up. Please share with your drivers.


Again we are asking for your patience and will release information as it becomes available to us. We will try to make the best judgment call once we get into the heart of the storm.


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